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Capanart Gallery


The opening of Capanart Gallery and other shops.

Posted by Susan Capan on February 24, 2010 at 3:04 AM

The grand opening for our new shops was on 21st December 2009 and was a great success!

We sent out the invitations and stocked up with nice nibbles and plenty of refreshments and had a great turnout of nearly one hundred people.

The morning of that day though was difficult because we had not recieved the hanging wire for the paintings or the lighting that fitted with the tracks until lunchtime and so were frantically throwing the paintings onto the walls right up until the guests arrived at 4pm.

The wiring was coming from Melbourne and was ordered weeks before but got recalled and then reordered without them telling us!

Thank goodness for the help from artists Kerry Nobbs, his partner Nelly and Glenda Garrett and husband Charlie, who hung around working hard to help us meet the deadline.  

We were exhausted but satisfied when we had hung the last painting just as the crowd was spilling in through the gates. The marquis were up and wine chilled and boy did we need a drink after that, not to mention how hot it was that day too.:)


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