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Capanart Gallery


Passed the six month mark!

Posted by Susan Capan on August 1, 2010 at 8:30 AM

1st August 2010.

Well, we have passed the six month mark now and things are going well. We started slowly and sales have been steadily building. We have adopted a bit of a co-op style set up and share the manning of the gallery between artists allowing ourselves time to paint.

Last week I painted a large sulphur crested cockatoo with his wings outspread and some flowers of a waratah tree against a stormy purple sky and even though the paint was still drying, Paul displayed it on an easel in the gallery only to have a lady come in and buy it for her husband before I managed to get some Giclee prints done. She is letting me have it for a few days to get that done luckily, ha ha.

More portrait commissions have been pouring in too which usually happens at this time of year for some reason : )

Kerry Nobbs work has been very popular and we have sold lots of originals as well as lots of his Giclee prints which are such good quality and guaranteed for a lifetime. They look so good on the canvas and are a great option at a fraction of the price of the originals.

Customers (as well as myself) are totally in awe of his lovely work and amazed at the subtle shadow colours in his sand dunes and the soft atmosphere he captures in his works.

Also his water reflections are to be marvelled at too.

The Robert Hagan paintings we have are also creating lots of interest as very enjoyable to look at, investment art. What a bonus to have such beautiful impressionist work when they can only rise in value. More will be coming in soon and hopefully of his vibrant galloping horses.

We have his books with collections of works and also lesson magazines which are the best I have seen. $7 each and $25 for the thick lesson book and $30 for the books of his art.

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