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Capanart Gallery


Spring is sprung!!!

Posted by Susan Capan on September 26, 2011 at 1:50 AM


We have recently returned from a wonderful two and a half months in Europe and feel fully rested refreshed and inspired. We started in Milan and stayed for a week on lovely Lake Maggiore in Stresa, then travelled through Italy by train stopping in Florence, Rome and Sorrento where we were sitting in a row (there were five of us) outside a little ice cream parlour licking our ice creams when Pierce Brosnan and a female assistant came racing up the adjacent alleyway and jumped into a pink Fiat and sped away but not before my sister got  a photo. We found out they were filming a James Bond movie!  Talk about right place, right time, hehe!!!

Next we flew to Santorini, how fantastic it was, and then on to Croatia where drove from one end to the other including the inland Plitvice waterfalls which were amazing (although we had been there before) and wanted to show my sister and mother. On to Slovenia where we stayed on Lake Bled and were blown away by the magical beauty of the place including fairytale castle on a cliff overlooking the lake. Then Venice for a week to live like a local and shop 'till we dropped, and Switzerland, Paris for a week, UK and up to Scotland which was a nice surprise at how lovely it was. Even the weather stayed nice most of the time.

Anyway back in the gallery now and just finished painting a big splashy pink Splodges of red and orange which I actually painted most of outside the gallery one fine day. So I put it out on the easel after opening and a woman spotted it and took it straight away, ha ha. That's what happened with the other cockatoo painting, sold first day of putting it out. Lucky I managed to get some prints done so I didn't lose it completely!

Also just sold one of the serious investor paintings by  artist Robert Hagan and one of his more impressionist paintings called 'On The Run',which has proved popular with customers and was priced at $9,500, so wonderful start to my return. Two new Hagan's just in now. (see his page)

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